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Pit Pal License - Pro Edition

1.99 usd

This is the license download for The Pit Pal BBQ Tool to add additional features and functionality to the free version of The Pit Pal. ** This is only the license file.**
You must download the full Pit Pal application from the Android market for the app to work.
The Pro addition provides the following additional features:
- Unlimited cooks and history. Currently the free version of The Pit Pal allows storage of a maximum of five cooks.
- No Advertising.
- Photo archiving of cooks allowing you to use your devices camera to take photos or video of your food and cooks and attach those images to your cook history for convenient future reference.
- Charting/graphing of cook and food temperatures if using a BBQ Guru Wifi.
- Future major enhancements in process available to only Pro users.